Its not too late to change!

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Have you ever said or heard someone say ‘It’s too late for me to change – its just the way I am’ .

At the Great Change Maker we are happy to report that this way of thinking is flawed!  In fact there is a growing area in science called neuroplasticity that confirms, if motivated, we can all change the way we act, think, react and behave.

Neuroplasticity is a complicated term used by scientists and academic researchers who study brain functioning. It relates to the building of new pathways in our brain. To the everyday person like you and me neuroplasticity can be thought of as fitness for your brain. Brain fitness determines how a person reacts to various cognitive demands. Researchers have found that our brains have an enormous ability to assimilate information, comprehend relationships, and develop conclusions and plans. In other words we can develop how robustly we react to things that happen in our life. The secret to happiness is to try to train our clever brain to act in a spontaneous and helpful manner. We do this by becoming brain fit!

Whilst brain fitness can be developed by education, it can also be stimulated by life and in experience in general. So being actively mentally engaged in life, continuing to learn, and ‘brain’ exercises can all contribute to us changing in the way we want to.

So what things help us train our brain to change:

  • healthy lifestyle
  • mental stimulation
  • exercise
  • stress management
  • sleep
  • thinking positively
  • considering options and reactions

However, issues such as  stress, anxiety, depression, aging, can have a negative effect on brain fitness. So how do you know if your brain needs to be toned up? Brain fog, poor memory, poor attention span, poor focus, difficulty making simple decision, problems dealing with life challenges etc are all symptoms that you may need a tune up.

With a few simple tools and focussed attention we can change the way our brain responds to situations.  Neuroplasticity opens up some fabulous opportunities for us.


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