How to go from Pessimism to Optimism

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Many of my clients will hear me talking about how we can retrain our brain if we pay attention to the things that work for us as well as the things that don’t. The trouble is that people find themselves repeating behaviour again and again even if it doesn’t work for them.. Whether you feel you follow the pessimism or the optimism route this documentary is interesting viewing.

The good news is that  Michael Moseley has discovered that we can indeed change the way we behave if we practice at it. I thought it was refreshing to hear Michael Moseley to admit that he struggles with lifes ups and downs. He reports that he would dearly like to change from being a pessimist to becoming much more optimistic in his outlook. He acknowledges  that even though on the outside he seems to have it all together he has been a chronic insomniac for 20 years; he likes to catastrophise events; and he has depressive tendencies.

The ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’ documentary examines the causes and remedies to pessimism. The good news is that by undertaking a few weeks of simple ‘exercises’ Michael Moseley  was able to improve his outlook on life and become more optimistic. Have a look at the documentary to get some great ideas on how to ‘reprogram your mind’ to be happier and more content.

Click on the link to the documentary below – available on SBS on demand for a limited time.

Michael Mosley – Don’t Worry Be Happy


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