Lindsay Spencer-Matthews:
Speaker | Author | Mentor | Life Coach


Unfortunately the transient nature of employment today means there is a greater risk of disengaged, dissatisfied, and unmotivated staff. These are serious organisational issues that can sabotage a business delivering unwanted expense – both financially and culturally.

Great Change Maker interactive workshops are designed to help you and your business improve staff effectiveness and motivation. In essence you will find ways to get more done, have a happier workplace and other long term benefits.

Topics include a variety of ideas and are usually tailored designed to fit each organisation’s particular needs. However, I do have standard workshops that I can deliver if preferred. Likewise, if you have a topic you would like developed then please contact me to discuss how we can get the right workshop for you

As your facilitator I bring a high powered but practical slant to bring more emotional intelligence to the workplace. The use of real life insights, as well as practical and thought provoking anecdotes and implementation ideas, delivers inspiration for better workplace productivity. Depending on the length and style of workshop/seminar you will participate in an interactive program filled with case studies, tactics ready to use immediately, corrective feedback, new insights, tips and action oriented ideas.

Format to suit your needs, e.g.

  • Keynote or conference presentation 45 min to 120 min
  • Training workshop ½ day to 2 days
  • Mentoring – individual or small group