Lindsay Spencer-Matthews:
Speaker | Author | Mentor | Life Coach

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Lindsay specialises in boosting corporate and individual performance through the use of real life, practical examples and strategy. His talks are peppered with good humour and valuable take home messages. Participants become engaged in the stories and metaphors that Lindsay uses to focus on what needs to be achieved.

The outcomes and results he produces have earnt him the label of “The Great Change Maker”.

He has a large array of motivational, educational and thought provoking topics to share. And you can choose from short sharp 20 minute power boosts through to full day interactive workshops depending on your needs.

Whilst each session is centred around a specific topic, Lindsay’s dynamic presentation style means that he will customise the content to the needs of the audience on the day – he values interaction (where appropriate) and delivers usable, down-to-earth, immensely practical outcomes for everyone involved.

Listed below three of his most popular keynotes. Each topic can be adapted to be delivered as a one way speaking function or as an interactive workshop. You can, of course, suggest topics or inquire about any special areas of interest.

Keynote 1: Why Clever People Do Dumb Things

In this keynote Lindsay encourages the audience to:

  • rethink their basic understanding of human behaviour;
  • positively influence their own unworkable behaviours;
  • relish and exploit the challenges that are put before us in both our business and personal lives.

Many personal development and motivational talks focus on positive thinking strategies which may offer temporary relief or even euphoria, but can come crashing to the ground when difficulties arise.

This talk is different. Lindsay shares 9 logical and simple steps to change the way you think, about the way you think. It offers practical and realistic solutions that show you how to stimulate your clever brain so that you can stop doing ‘dumb’ things that you later regret.

Keynote 2: Why Clever Managers and Staff Do Dumb Things

This keynote is centred on managerial styles and how to get the best out of your staff.

This dynamic talk gives managers an:

  • insight into the perceptual, behavioural and emotional blind spots that affect us all.
  • understanding how to empower and find ‘clever brain’ ways to manage and lead
  • accessible toolkit of easily implementable ways to better interact with and motivate staff.

This dynamic talk give staff the opportunity to:

  • enjoy increased success and satisfaction in their careers;
  • develop increased productivity, as well as
  • harness significant flow on benefits in their personal lives.

Keynote 3: Why Clever Customers Do Dumb Things

This keynote provides your sales and customer service staff with a greater understanding into why and how ‘normal’ people (both their customers and themselves) actually operate.

Participants will recognise the ridiculous assumptions most people have when it comes to engaging in sales conversations. Unhelpful assumptions such as the universal but incorrect belief that customers (and customer service staff) are in control of what they do, think, and say.

A radically different approach to selling and customer service is explored enabling the audience to appreciate:

  • more powerfully collaborative and cooperative sales people
  • new tools to make conversations with customers more productive and
  • creating collaborative and cooperative customers.

Speaking formats, style and length are flexible.
Common speaking formats include:

  • Full day workshop
  • Half day workshop
  • Brief Keynote
  • Long Keynote
  • Regular talk
  • One on one coaching.