Lindsay Spencer-Matthews:
Speaker | Author | Mentor | Life Coach


Do you sometimes wish you had someone neutral, experienced and qualified to bounce ideas, gain perspective on issues, or explore important decisions with? Whether it be within a work context or for your personal life, engaging a personal mentor will give you a safe and confidential arena to help you navigate every day and extraordinary life transitions. As a qualified Psychologist and a multiple Business owner I help over 300 clients a year to maintain or get their lives back on track. I use a style that whilst ‘challenging’ it is very collaborative and aimed to get us to work together to find workable solutions in a short amount of time. Choose from a 6 session individual tailored program or engage with me on a more casual and adhoc basis.

Format to suit your needs, e.g.

  • 6 sessions of Mentoring at negotiated times/location.
  • Adhoc single Mentoring sessions at negotiated times/location.
  • In-house Corporate Mentoring for individuals or groups. 
  • Other: Please contact me to find further information on Mentoring Options.

Business Boardroom Connections (BBC)

As a privately practicing Psychologist of more than 20 years coupled with 40 years of hands on business experience I offer motivated small business owners and professionals to participate in my Business Boardroom Connections (BBC) program.

BBC is where like-minded business people get together with me, Lindsay – Great Change Maker, in a monthly boardroom meeting to learn from me; from others; and to make new connections. The aim is to motivate and facilitate business people to build their businesses while still keeping a solid grip on their values and on their personal lives.

BBC is a group mentoring ‘think tank’ where participants feel safe to experiment with ideas, voice concerns, bounce problems off peers who are also sympathetic, experienced and motivated.

The BBC program is not a business consulting or coaching service. Rather it is an opportunity to share experiences so that we can all learn. Our BBC participants are already motivated to do their best but feel that they need that bit of support that offers guidance, ideas and valuable insights. Something that is often sadly lacking in the reality of business life.

Here are some of the benefits to BBC participants:

  • Source of ideas and inspiration
  • Safe, intelligent sounding board
  • Connect with likeminded people
  • Connect with people who are from different walks of life
  • Connect with people who have different perspectives to bring
  • Exposure to methods and ideas outside of your experience and awareness
  • Help with an assortment of business and life issues such as improving management skills; gaining clarity and focus; understanding staff/customers/other key relationships – and many more!

As the Great Change Maker I have a real knack at getting people to ‘Change the way they think about the way they think’. This in turn helps participants get back in touch with their real values; gain perspective on what’s important; and the chance to focus on the real issues in their business (and often life). I then facilitate discussion and interactive problem solving steps to work through these issues in a supportive, fun but challenging environment. Our Boardroom meetings are kept small to ensure everyone can get heard if they so wish.