Lindsay Spencer-Matthews:
Speaker | Author | Mentor | Life Coach

I am a keynote speaker, workplace mentor and have been a practicisng Psychologist for over 20 years. I have a passion to help people break some of those habits that seem to make ‘clever people do dumb things’. 

I am happy to be intereviewd on various topics including:

Interview Topics

  • Making families work
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Why we don’t always get on 
  • How to be productive – in life and work
  • Managing conflict
  • Communicating with adolescence
  • Why clever people do dumb things
  • Cope with life’s frustrations
  • Loving your work
  • How the brain works
  • Sales and marketing
  • Understanding human behaviour
  • Communication
  • Personal development
  • Boosting performance
  • Surviving corporate life

Please feel free to contact me on direct mobile 0411 302 506 or email

Who is the Great Change Maker?

Lindsay Spencer-Matthews helps clever people stop doing dumb things.

He is the guy who helps those smiling on the outside, but struggling on the inside, achieve a richer, fuller and more meaningful life. From butcher delivery boy to corporate spy, multi-level marketer to security guard, actor to author, Lindsay’s life has included heartache, tragedy failure, triumphs and extraordinary success.

He does not deliver life’s solutions from an ivory tower enveloped in that superior air some professionals encase themselves in; he’s scraped his knees (more than once) and done dumb things. It is these foibles and experiences that makes him truly believable and engaging. 

As a psychologist with over 20 years experience, he has helped thousands of people change the way they think about the way they think. His greatest frustration is that his busy private practice limits his influence. While he does touch 300 lives a year, he wants to help more people live a life of significance and peace – inside and out. 

His keynotes and seminars are delivered with humour and openness because Lindsay reckons he is the poster boy for why clever people do dumb things. He has made millions and lost millions. Had disastrous personal relationships. Collected his fair share of speeding tickets…and worked in jobs he despised. That’s why he wrote his book Why Clever People Do Dumb Things.

He recognises there are some really basic thinking mistakes ordinary people make and he is making it his life’s work to help others identify those thinking errors and empower people to “think differently about the way they think”. With a number of academic achievements under his belt, awards for public speaking and amazing outcomes achieved through his private practice for his clients, Lindsay leaves people informed, motivated and equipped to make changes in their life.

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