Hi! My name is Lindsay
I am passionate about helping people create meaningful change
We are all born as a blank slate and we then spend our lives becoming the person we become.
Sadly much of that development is done completely by accident. We learn attitudes, reactions, habits, and responses without realising what we are doing!
Miraculously most of this accidental programming WORKS! However, sometimes we get stuck and this where Lindsay can help you achieve the best possible outcome.
How to change your life!
  • Cope with lifes frustrations & challenges 89% 89%
  • Be happy in spite of your circumstances 95% 95%
  • Getting the most from life 85% 85%
What People Say
The time I spent with Lindsay as my business mentor was fantastic. Lindsay helped me in my professional development and was a breath of fresh air. He is not one of those staid, rule bound, ‘theoretical’ mentors. Instead, he brought new perspectives that were grounded in practical, focused, strategic ideas - not to mention quite a bit of humour along the way! I think his amazing life and business experience really helped open up a new way of thinking for me. During the time I spent with Lindsay I had to make some very difficult business and personal decisions. Lindsay’s non-judgmental, inquisitive and refreshing input made the process so much clearer and easier. I recommend Lindsay as a mentor to anyone who needs one.
Diane Green Consultant

As part of the development of my counselling practice I shared consulting rooms with Lindsay Spencer-Matthews. He really helped me with my transition into private practice providing me with practical resources, experienced insights and the opportunity to see a respected and successful Psychologist and business person in practice. It is rare to see someone so freely and generously impart their knowledge and expertise so openly and I am grateful that I have been an able to incorporate much of what he has shared. Lindsay is generous, open and can be relied up to give frank, informed and unbiased guidance when needed. I do not hesitate recommending him as a mentor.
Michelle KellyPsychologist

Lindsay is a talented and engaging speaker. His talks are captivating and a perfectly balanced mix of informative and amusing. I would recommend Lindsay's speaking talents without hesitation. The next time Acacia Law needs a speaker, MC or workshop host, I will call on Lindsay without hesitation. He is easy-going and really easy to work with. Lindsay is The Great Change Maker. He will change the way you think about the way you think. Book him as a speaker or grab a copy of his book from his website to get an insight into his character and style
Cathryn WarbutonDirector: Acacia Law

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