Lindsay Spencer-Matthews:
Speaker | Author | Mentor | Life Coach

Have you ever done something dumb?

Do you believe that you are in control of your life?

If you have answered yes to both of these questions then I would love you to hear me speak

Public Talks

Lindsay is coming to Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney

  • Brisbane CBD September 17th 2015 (6.30pm for a 7pm start to 8.45pm)  NO SEATS AVAILABLE
  • Melbourne CBD November 19th 2015 (6.30pm for a 7pm start to 8.45pm)
  • Sydney CBD February 10th 2016 (6.30pm for a 7pm start to 8.45pm)

You will love this talk if you are:

  • bemused, confused or frustrated by you or someone around you doing ‘dumb’ things
  • curious to have a better understanding as to why we sometimes do things we later regret
  • keen to find a way to enjoy life despite limitations and circumstance.

There are many books, workshops, and ‘mantras’ on personal development so why is it many of us still disillusioned with our lot?

 Lindsay’s approach is different! He doesn’t believe in giving advice, nor doggedly trying to think more ‘positively’ but what he does believe is that we can all work towards a richer, fuller and more meaningful life despite our circumstances.

 To find out how come and see Lindsay speak at one of his upcoming events. You will enjoy his speaking style which is littered with anecdotes, humour and self-disclosure.

Lindsay bases his speaking on over 20 years as a privately practicing Psychologist; a rich and varied business and personal life and his natural ability to get people to think differently. Lindsay calls himself the ‘poster boy’ for ‘Why Clever People Do Dumb Things”. He doesn’t sit in an ivory tower espousing unworkable solutions – instead he really connects with an audience and shows them how to get their happy back on track.

 Book in now for an interesting public talk – followed by question time.

Brisbane CBD
September 17, 2015
6.30pm to 8.45pm


Early Bird $49.95

After Sept 7th $89.95

Melbourne CBD
November 29, 2015
6.30pm to 8.45pm


Early Bird $49.95

After October 14th $89.95

Sydney CBD
February 10, 2016
6.30pm to 8.45pm


Early Bird $49.95

After December 31st $89.95

About Lindsay:

Lindsay is a keynote speaker, psychologist, mentor, author of ‘Why Clever People Do Dumb Things’ and writer and performer of his song ‘When A Boy Becomes A Man’. 

He is the guy who helps those smiling on the outside, but struggling on the inside, achieve a richer, fuller and more meaningful life. From butcher delivery boy to corporate spy, multi-level marketer to security guard, actor to author, Lindsay’s life has included heartache, tragedy failure, triumphs and extraordinary success. He does not deliver life’s solutions from an ivory tower enveloped in that superior air some professionals encase themselves in; he’s scraped his knees (more than once) and done dumb things. It is these foibles and experiences that makes him truly believable and engaging.

 As a psychologist with over 20 years experience, he has helped thousands of people change the way they think about the way they think. His greatest frustration is that his busy private practice limits his influence. While he does touch 300 lives a year, he wants to help more people live a life of significance and peace – inside and out.

 His keynotes and seminars are delivered with humour and openness because Lindsay reckons he is the poster boy for why clever people do dumb things. He has made millions and lost millions. Had disastrous personal relationships. Collected his fair share of speeding tickets…and worked in jobs he despised. That’s why he wrote his book Why Clever People Do Dumb Things.

He recognises there are some really basic thinking mistakes ordinary people make and he is making it his life’s work to help others identify those thinking errors and empower people to “think differently about the way they think”. 

With a number of academic achievements under his belt, awards for public speaking and amazing outcomes achieved through his private practice for his clients, Lindsay leaves people informed, motivated and equipped to make changes in their life.

“I highly recommend Lindsay Spencer-Matthews as a speaker, he is able to connect with an audience in which they are captivated by his professionalism and knowledge. Lindsay’s desire to help others is shown through his 20+ years as a psychologist. His dedication and insights are truly amazing and I cannot wait to work alongside him again in the future.”

Anita Banks
Chamber of Commerce
Business Showcase

“I’m going to suggest that EVERYONE read this book from Lindsay – especially those who have that little nagging voice inside, telling them “you’re not good enough”. Well kick that little voice in the ghoolies with this book …. I read your book cover to cover on a flight yesterday – and it is excellent”

Andrew Griffiths
Australia’s # 1 small business and entrepreneurial author

“Lindsay Spencer-Matthews presented his keynote on “Unexpected lessons from famous people that could change your life” to our Rotary Club. As president it is a challenge to find interesting presenters but Lindsay really filled the bill. His talk was interesting, informative, and entertaining. He generously opened the floor to questions after his talk and the audience showed their interest by engaging with him for quite a long time. Lindsay used humour, engaged with his audience, and left us all thinking about ourselves and others in ways I would never have imagined. I would happily recommend Lindsay as a keynote speaker.”

Nancy Notman
Rotary Club of Ipswich

“It was so great to listen to such insightful words. I know I came away thinking about my own life.”

Desmore Nero
Our Definition of our Success

“Lindsay is a talented and engaging speaker. His talks are captivating and a perfectly balanced mix of informative and amusing. I would recommend Lindsay’s speaking talents without hesitation. The next time Acacia Law needs a speaker, MC or workshop host, I will call on Lindsay without hesitation. He is easy-going and really easy to work with. Lindsay is The Great Change Maker. He will change the way you think about the way you think. Book him as a speaker or grab a copy of his book from his website to get an insight into his character and style”. 

Cathryn Warbuton
Director Acacia Law

“It’s without hesitation that I attest to Lindsay Spencer-Matthews skill and cut through as a speaker.  His knowledge of psychology is profound.  His confidence on stage is inspiring. Psychology crossed with his uniquely addictive story telling style leaves audiences feeling light, free and uplifted.  If you want your audience to walk on water, then give due consideration to Lindsay, the Great Change Maker.”

Kristian Mahony
The Retail Guy