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Wake up your Clever Brain and reduce those ‘Oh No’ moments in life. Learn the 9 Steps to get your happy back on track

You should read this book if you:

  • are struggling with how to manage; cope with; and control your life
  • are the average but unhappy person who feels that life was not meant to be impossible.
  • are bewildered by the stupid things you do, and the stupid things other people do.
  • believe you have the ability to have a rich, full, and meaningful life – if only you knew how to
  • are sick of good advice; sick of being told to ‘get over it’; sick of being told to just ‘think positively’; and sick of feeling that everyone else is better off than you
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This book helps you:

  • review the way you think about the challenging parts of life
  • put together a more workable relationship with the things that do work.
  • understand who, or what, really controls your thoughts, words, and actions (and what to do about it!)
  • how to be ‘happy’ in spite of your circumstances

What is the book about?

Have you ever wondered why some people are happy in spite of their circumstances?

Or contemplated how you could be happier in life when you feel you have no control over your environment or the way other people behave?

The book get you to rethink your basic understanding of human behaviour; positively influence your own unworkable behaviours; and relish and exploit the things that fill your life with joy. This book will allow you to develop a rich, full, and meaningful life – in spite of your circumstances.

In reading this book you will discover some very normal but fundamentally flawed thought processes that are often trapped in a cycle of repeated behaviour that just doesn’t work. It empowers you to rethink the way about the way you think.

Many ‘self-help’ books espouse ways to ‘be happy’ but the harsh reality of life is that happiness is just one of the factors that makes up a rich, full, and meaningful life! This book is intended to be a catalyst. It sets out a process for engaging in change very deliberately. It begins with a really basic challenge to the reader questioning the idea of ‘self-control’ and leads through to ways to reduce the number of ‘Oh No!’ moments in life whilst increasing the number of ‘Oh Wow!’ moments.

Using humour, anecdotes, self-disclosure, and case studies, you will learn a way to meaningfully change habitual patterns of behaviour where they don’t work, and exploit those habitual behaviours where they do work.

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