Lindsay Spencer-Matthews:
Speaker | Author | Mentor | Life Coach

About the Great Change Maker

We are all born as a blank slate and we then spend our lives becoming the person we become. Sadly much of that development is done completely by accident. We learn attitudes, reactions, habits, and responses without realising what we are doing! Miraculously most of this accidental programming WORKS! However, sometimes we get stuck and this where Lindsay can help you achieve the best possible outcome for you as an individual right through to teams in organisations.

Once you have read Lindsay’s book ‘Why Clever People Do Dumb Things’ you will have changed the way you think about the way you think. You will find that yourself looking at your own thoughts differently, and viewing others people’s behaviour differently. At the moment you are a normal person who unwittingly allows other people to control your emotions. You say things like:

  • ‘You are making me angry’
  • ‘‘Why can’t people just do as they are told’
  • ‘I just can’t understand why you are doing that’

Lindsay’s approach will radically change that normal but unhelpful viewpoint and will give you permission to question and influence just how much other people control your thoughts, feelings and actions.

You are interested in reading more on this page because:

  • You feel out of control and frustrated
  • You are deeply dissatisfied with your life and circumstances
  • You feel miserable
  • You have not control over your emotions
  • You want what everyone else has got

Lindsay’s book, keynotes speeches, seminars and webinars all have the one aim in mind.

That aim is to give you a:



meaningful life

in spite of your circumstances

The process that Lindsay uses does not require you to be a Rocket Scientist, a Rhodes scholar, or a Genius!

You will discover incredibly simple, accessible and common sense frameworks, understandings and strategies that will change the way you think about the way you think.