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When A Boy Becomes A Man
When A Boy Becomes A Man
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Lindsay Spencer-Matthews, author of Why Clever People Do Dumb Things and a psychologist, has sat with many people who have not had the benefit of being embraced by a father’s love. He wrote this song to honour his father.  Sadly Lindsay lost his dad this year but he will always have the lessons his dad taught him.

Being a dad is special, however no-one gave you a rule book to show you how to be the best dad you can be. Sometimes you get it wrong, most times you get it right.

At Great Change Maker, we know you are doing the best you can and we want to honour for the great job you are doing – raising amazing young people.

Lindsay Spencer-Matthews penned When A Boy Becomes A Man acknowledging his relationship with his dad. He wants to use the funds raised from the sale of this song to go to a father and an all-round good bloke who is doing his bit to help other dads be the best father they can be. One of the best weekends Lindsay has had with his youngest son was at a Fathering Adventure experience.

Darren Lewis, 2011 Queensland Father of the Year, is the founder of Fathering Adventures an organisation that facilitates father-son and father-daughter relationships and adventure experiences.

Thankyou for supporting our cause to help raise money for Fathering Adventures.

Over 50% of the proceeds of the sale goes directly to the benefit of a Dad

who wants to make a difference in the lives of his child/ren.